Year No. Description File
2017 316 Approving the Revision of Annual Investment Program of the LDRRM Office for Calendar Year 2017 2017-resolution-316-ldrrmo-aip.pdf
2017 285 Authorizing the Mayor to sign MOA with Cebu Province and CTS referred as Training Provider aims to fund and conduct skills trainign of Out of School Youth 2017-resolution-285-cts-moa.pdf
2017 188 Adopting the Cebu Establishing the Our Sustainable Cebu Program 2017-resolution-188-adopting-our-sustainable-cebu-program.pdf
2017 159 Adopting the Contingency Plan of the Municipality of San Fernando 2017-resolution-159-adopting-contingency-plan.pdf
2017 158 Adopting the Local Shelter Plan for 2017-2022 2017-resolution-158-adopting-local-shelter-plan.pdf
2017 37 Adopting the MDRRM Plan for Calendar Year 2017 2017-resolution-37-adopting-mdrrmo-plan.pdf
2017 36 Authorizing the Mayor to sign Rice Loan MOA with NFA to purchase rice on Credit in times of Disaster 2017-resolution-36-rice-loan-from-nfa-during-disaster.pdf
2016 205 Adopting the Local Anti Criminality Action Plan of this Municipality 2016-resolution-205-anti-criminality-action-plan.pdf
2016 160 Authorizing the Mayor to sign MOA to fortify the established partnerships between DSWD and LGU-San Fernando, Cebu 2016-resolution-160-dswd-partnership-with-lgu.pdf
2016 48 Requesting the BFP in Coordination with MDRRMC to participate in the 1st Quarter CY 2016 Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill on March 31, 2016 2016-resolution-48-requesting-bfp-with-mdrrmo-earthquake-drill.pdf
2015 110 Authorizing the Municipal Mayor to Enter into MOA with DSWD for supplemental feeding prigram intended for Day Care Centers 2015-resolution-110-moa-dswd-daycare-feeding-program.pdf
2015 66 Authorizing the Municipal Mayor to Enter into MOA with DSWD to Operationalize its Social Protection Mission, the Dept Adopts a whole of DSWD approach in ensuring convergence in implementation of the departments various strategies, programs, projects and activities, otherwise known as PPAs 2015-resolution-66-dswd-moa-ppa.pdf
2014 145 Authorizing the Municipal Mayor to Enter into MOA with DSWD for Fund Transfer Scheme of the Social Pension for Indigent Senior Citizens 2014-resolution-145-moa-dswd-senior-citizen-fund.pdf
2014 64 Approved/Recommend the Change/Replace of Project from Flood Control to Cattle/Swine Fattening Broiler Production Project 2014-resolution-64-from-flood-control-to-swine-project.pdf
2011 68 Granting the Mayor to enter MOA with DSWD for Social Pension for Indigent Senior Citizen 2011-resolution-68-moa-dswd-social-pension-senior-citizen.pdf
2011 23 Nominate Rizal Plaza in the Provincial Heritage Registry 2011-resolution-23-rizal-monument-heritage.pdf
2011 22 Creating the Municipal Tourism and Heritage Council 2011-resolution-22-tourism-heritage-council.pdf
2009 258 Authorizing the Mayor to signed the MOA to the Sustain Solid Waste Managment Initiative 2009-resolution-258-moa-solidwaste-disposable-garbage.pdf