Year No. Description File
2018 027 Creating the Monitoring and Evaluating Team (MET) 2018-eo-027-create-monitoring-evaluating-team.pdf
2018 027 Create Environmental Management Enforcers Group 2018-eo-027-create-environmental-mngt-enforcers-group.pdf
2018 026 Designate Dominiciana Paradero as Focal Person for Solo Parent Federation 2018-026-designate-dominiciana-paradero-focal-mun-solo-parent-federation.pdf
2018 025-A Create a Municipal Project Monitoring Team 2018-eo-025-A-create-mun-project-monitoring-team.pdf
2018 025 Create Pre-Marriage Counselling Team 2018-eo-025-create-pre-marriage-counselling team.pdf
2018 024 Create Purok Coordinating Office and Transforming Purok Organizing Committee to Purok Coordinating Team 2018-eo-024-create-purok-coordinating-office-transform-POC-to-PCT.pdf
2018 023 Create an Information Communications Office 2018-eo-023-create-information-communications-office.pdf
2018 022 An Order Reorganizing Our Cebu Focal Team 2018-eo-022-reoganize-our-cebu-focal-team.pdf
2018 0021 Create Person with Disability Affairs Office 2018-eo-021-create-person-with-disability-affairs-office.pdf
2018 019 An Order Creating Rapid Damage Assessment needs Analysis Post Disaster Needs Assessment 2018-eo-019-order-create-rapid-damage-assesment-needs-analysis-post-disaster-needs-assesment.pdf
2018 018 Mandating the Use of Pre-Emptive Force Evacuation Guidelines During Emergency 2018-eo-018-mandate-use-pre-emptive-force-evacuation-guidlines-during-emergency.pdf
2018 017 Adopting Incident Command System 2018-eo-017-adopt-incident-command-system.pdf
2018 0016 Creating Anti Illegal Dwelling Task Force 2018-eo-016-create-anti-illegal-dwelling-task-force.pdf
2018 014 Mandating the Creation of Barangay Solid Waste Management Committee 2018-eo-014-mandate-creation-brgy-solid-waste-mngt-committee.pdf
2018 013 An Order Reorganizing the Composition of Local Development Council 2018-eo-013-reorganize-composition-local-dev-council.pdf
2018 012 An Order Transferring Admin Aide 1 from Municipal Engineering Office to Mayor’s Office 2018-eo-012–transfer-admin-aide-1-from-MEO-to-MO.pdf
2018 011 An Order Expanding the Compostion of Local Development Council 2018-eo-011-expand-composition-local-dev-council.pdf
2018 010 An Order Creating Local Youth Development Office 2018-eo-010-create-local-youth-dev-office.pdf
2018 009 An Order mandating the Implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan. 2018-eo-009-mandate-implemantation-disaster-risk-reduction-management-plan.pdf
2018 007 An Order Creating a Smoke Free Task Force 2018-eo-007-create-smoke-free-task-force.pdf
2018 006-A An Order to Conduct Inventory and Turnover of All Barangay Properties, Financial Records, Documents and Money Accountabilities by All Incumbent Barangay Officials as Prescribe by DILG MEMO dated February 1, 2018 2018-eo-006-A-conduct-inventory-turnover-brgy-properties-financial-records-etc.pdf
2018 006 An Order Mandating all Barangays to Create a Barangay Health Board 2018-eo-006-mandating-brgys-create-brgy-health-board.pdf
2018 005 An Order Suspending any Construction Dev’t and Reclamation Projects in Brgy. Sangat 2018-eo-005-suspending-construction-development-reclamation-shoreline-coastline-brgy-sangat.pdf
2018 004 An Order Creating Municipal AIDS Council 2018-eo-004-create-mun-AIDS-council.pdf
2018 003 An Order Mandating that all Applicants for Dev’t, Zoning and Locational Clearnance as well as Approval of the Variance shall be first coursed through the Office of the Mayor. 2018-eo-003-mandating -applications-dev-zoning-locational.pdf
2018 001 An Order Enhancing Business Registration Procedures and Institutionalizing the San Fernando, Cebu ONE-STOP-SHOP 2018-eo-001-enhance-business-registration-procedures-institutionalize-one-stop-shop.pdf
2017 001 An Order Reorganizing the Municipal Council for the Protection of Children (MCPC) 2017-eo-001-mcpc.pdf
2017 004 An Order Reorganizing the Composition of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Board and Technical Working Group 2017-eo-004-eswmb.pdf
2017 006 Municipal Governemnt to Ban the use of Plastic Bags and Plastic as water and/or food container. 2017-eo-006-ban-plastic.pdf
2017 007 An Order Reorganizing the Composition of Bids and Awards Committee 2017-eo-007-bac.pdf
2017 010 An Order mandating all Barangay to implement Ecological Solid Waste Management. 2017-eo-010-eswmb-barangay.pdf